Friday, June 21, 2024

Minecraft is one of the most played games ever created. As soon as it was released in 2009 people of all ages have been hooked on this game of building, crafting, and exploring. MOONmin started this game on the Xbox 360 and continues to play it on his personal computer. This game of building and crafting can get anyone hooked on the screen for hours upon hours, sometimes even for days straight. Of course, allot of people are better at managing their time than some. Even though you may not be a gamer this game is very relaxing and is a must-play.

This was MOONmin’s first video published on YouTube. He got a little lucky with his first video, which was a review on the 10th Minecraft Anniversary world. There’s not many that have reviewed this world which was good for him. However, it still has not made that many views. perhaps, due to his lack of followers on YouTube.

MOONmin’s worst Minecraft memory. R.I.P